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Lover Gina calls in psychic Ivan
Mistress Ros: "Lights flash on"
Cocktail cabinet shake-up
Alex: "Taps turn themselves on"

EXCLUSIVE: George spooks old flames


By Phil Taylor

LOOKS like late soccer legend George Best is up to his old tricks again—flitting between three of his lovers after coming back as a GHOST!

The boozy Manchester United icon's widow Alex, his mistress Gina Devivo and his last lover Ros Hollidge have all reported haunting experiences.

And last night George's agent and best pal Phil Hughes said he also got spooked when an unseen hand mysteriously moved his DRINKS CABINET!

Mum-of-two Gina was so freaked out she turned to a medium — that's a psychic not a sherry — who insisted this week that Best IS in contact from beyond the grave, a year after his death.

"I thought I was going nuts when weird things started to happen in my house," said blonde Gina.

"But after seeing the spiritualist and hearing that Ros, Alex and Phil have all had similar experiences, I'm 100 per cent certain it's George's ghost."

In life, womaniser Best hopped between Alex, Gina and Ros. In death his mischievous spirit follows suit:

  • ROS revealed her lights and TV turn themselves on and off, doors open and shut at will and George's favourite song once blared through the house after the CD player had been turned off.

  • ALEX says a shower turned itself on and taps mysteriously started gushing.

  • GINA panicked when glasses flew around her home, her TV flipped over, a smiling vision of George appeared on her bed and an invisible footballer played keepy-uppy in her garden — the ball rising 20 times without touching the ground!

    Now Phil, Alex and Ros have all found their passports mysteriously missing.

    George's family and friends shed tears at his grave last week on the first anniversary of his death at 59 following years of alcohol abuse.

    But lover Gina, 35, is convinced his spirit is alive and kicking at her council house in Ewell, Surrey.


    "It started with the lights going on and off and doors opening and shutting," she told us. "I'd see the door handle go frantically up and down but there was no one on the other side.

    "Then I'd hear my letterbox banging between 11.15pm and midnight—the time George used to turn up drunk. Again there was no one there. It has since got increasingly weird. I found my TV upside down and saw glasses fly across the room and smash to bits.

    "One day I was in my kitchen when I saw a football, one that George bought for my daughters, bounce up and down in the garden without touching the ground. It must have done it over 20 times. I was absolutely speechless.

    "I then started to hear George's voice. And one night I actually saw him in my bed. I was petrified.

    "But he wasn't the old George that I knew. He looked in his prime, in his thirties and in a red top. He was smiling at me, looking like Jesus with a beard and long, dark wavy hair. I was so freaked I ran out and shouted to my neighbour about what I'd seen.

    "George always said he'd come back and haunt me one day. Now he's keeping his word."

    Worried Gina has visited medium Ivan Lee twice at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church. She stressed: "The first time I didn't tell him who I wanted to contact. But he suddenly said, ‘I've got a man. I've got a George here.'

    "He told me so many things only George would have known about—like the elephant ornament he bought me.

    "The medium said George was even complaining about cushions and teddy bears all over my bed. George used to hate that and threw them around the room when he was drunk."


    Psychic Ivan, 44, later told the News of the World: "George wants Gina to know there's life after death and he's fine.

    "He clearly has a great sense of humour and likes to play up now and then by visiting her. But he repeatedly said he was sorry for the way he treated Gina. He also spoke of his concern for his son Calum."

    Revealing spine-tingling happenings at her Surbiton home, George's final fling Ros Hollidge admitted: "It's hard enough to deal with his death, let alone discuss this. I don't want to sound like a loony. It started the night he died.

    "George once gave me a CD of ‘She' by Elvis Costello and it became our favourite song. On the evening he passed away I switched everything off and two close friends took me out for a quick drink as I was very upset.

    "When I came back half an hour later that song was blaring through the house. Then my lights and TV kept going on and off and doors flew open and slammed of their own accord. It's still going on. George would absolutely love causing a bit of havoc like this."

    Former air hostess Alex Best, 34—who divorced George after 10 years following his affair with Gina—told us: "Funny things did happen after George died, mostly involving water.

    "Taps went on in the middle of the night in our converted barn. And as I left my hotel room for George's funeral the shower just turned itself on full blast and I couldn't shut it off. My passport also went missing. I can't believe the same thing's happened to Phil and Ros. It leaves me cold."

    Last night George's pal Phil Hughes, who supported him to the end, described the strange goings-on at his Surrey home.

    He said: "When George stayed at my house he'd never touch any booze from my drinks cabinet.

    "All my bottles of brandy, scotch and Bacardi were on a triangular shelf which sits rock-solid on pegs in a corner cupboard in the front room.

    "But recently I found the shelf had somehow gone underneath the pegs and flipped.

    "But not one bottle had fallen over. They were all standing up in a perfect line. It really spooked me.

    "I did believe I'd see George again one day. But not in this world."

    Sounds like football wizard George might be playing a whole new game—for Wraith Rovers.

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